Vending Machine Finance

If you are a new business start-up interested in investing in a vending machine business franchise then SVA Vending is the best option for you. SVA Vending has more than 15 years in the business. We have an established brand with more than 3,000 satisfied customers. We can help you secure finance to lease your vending machines so you can start your business immediately.

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Full tax benefits from leasing vending machines

Do you know leased vending machines are 100% tax-deductible in Australia? Leasing or rent-to-buy a vending machine from SVA Vending is an effective way to reduce capital investment and improve cash flow.

You own the vending machines

You have ownership of a leased vending machine. At the end of the lease, if all payments have been settled you will own the machine.

Let us help you

To make it easier for you to lease from SVA Vending we can help you secure a loan from our funding partner. Our easy finance options are suitable for all types of businesses. We offer:

  • Tailored financial arrangements
  • No deposit, full /100% finance available
  • Instant approval
  • Tax benefits
  • Mid to long term payment options
  • Management of business capital
  • Professional support.