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SVA Vending supplies high quality vending machines to businesses and public sector facilities. Our vending machines are free. We also supply a range of support services such as a wide range of products, stock refilling and repairs and maintenance of vending machines.

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Wide selection of vending items, safe and energy-efficient machines

Our next-generation wireless, touch screen digital vending machines are fast and easy to use.

Our machines can stock from 30 to 60 selections of vending items at a time. They come in a 6x drawer storage (for additional storage). Our machines are designed to be tamper-free and vandalism-free. We use ASSURE TM technology to minimise items getting stuck in the machine.

Our machines are MOB payment-enabled and can accept cash, credit card, debit card or SVA smart vending cards. All SVA machines have a 5-star energy-efficient rating.

Hassle-free vending service for your business

Many business owners think they will become responsible for any vending machine installed in their premises.

With SVA Vending, your business does not have to spend any money on the machines or facilitate any of its day-to-day functions. Our team takes care of everything from installation to stock refill to service and repair.

At the initial phase of your service contract, our consultants will meet with you to discuss your unique requirements. We conduct a feasibility study as well as location and placement analysis to find the best spots to install the machines. We also discuss with you the number of machines you would like to have on your premises and the types of vending products you want for each machine.

Once the machines are installed and running, our team will manage the stock refill, maintenance scheduling and urgent repairs (if required). There is little or no involvement on your part.

Get a free vending machine today!

If you are thinking of installing a vending machine in your business premises or facility, get in touch with the friendly team at SVA today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how vending machines can benefit your business.

Call us today on 1300 411902 for more information. You can also complete and submit an online enquiry form Our team will contact you as soon as we receive your enquiry.

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Vending Services

At SVA Vending Services we work tirelessly to maintain the utmost level of service and presentation. Our business thrives on high quality and professional service.

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