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SVA 5000A + 36 Lockers

SVA-5000A-36-Lockers - Vending Machine

SVA 5000A + 17 Lockers

SVA-5000A-17-Lockers - Vending Machine

24/7 Bulk Vending Machines

Bigger Capacity. More Varieties. Happier Customers

The new generation vending machines are here!  Imagine having on-site a vending machine that can hold up to 30 different products at a time and dispense up to 420 items?   SVA’s locker systems (bulk product vending machines) are the first of their kind in Australia.

Our revolutionary bulk system vending machines mean your business can now provide the most hassle-free vending service in town.  Our machines give your business the competitive advantage of providing not only an uninterrupted flow but also the largest range of products to your valued customers.  Designed using the latest technology, our bulk product vending machines are fitted with full refrigeration, note reader, and coin mechanism.

Available in two sizes to cater to your business requirements, our machines are 100% versatile and can be used to store any type of product you want whether it is PPE (personal protection equipment), food and beverage, snacks, fresh groceries, sports equipment, or beauty products.

Here are just a few examples, how SVA Bulk Vending Machines are helping businesses:

  • Medical – Our machines are now in hospitals across Australia.   Our bulk systems make it possible for hospitals and medical centres to have an immediate and uninterrupted supply of important PPE at crucial locations.
  • Sports – Sports facilities and gyms can now have machines that dispense more than just snack and beverages.  Our bulk machines are also used by operators to dispense sports equipment like tennis balls and golf balls.
  • Snacks and beverages – Our quintessential vending machines are now bigger and better!  SVA bulk vending machines can hold more stock and a larger range of products than any other vending machine in town.   Our bulk locker systems are ideal for large scale use like factories, offices, transportation hubs and so forth.
  • Grocery – SVA locker system enables grocery shops to now sell fresh produce like vegetables, eggs, milk, and bread 24/7 to their customers.

Why use SVA Bulk Vending Machines

  • Bigger Capacity –  Our bulk vending machines come in two different sizes that can store up to 420 items at a time.   This means your business can now sell more products faster and with fewer hassles.
  • More Varieties –  Our bulk vending machines can hold up to 30 different types of products at a time.  Your customers will love the additional choices buying from these machines.
  • State-of-the-art technology –  Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to make vending easier for your business to manage. Our fully computerised systems are equipped with full refrigeration, note reader and coin machinations.  We also have smart card options for cashless transactions.
  • 24/7 Support –  Our 24/7 customer service and support team are on standby to solve any issue you may have with our machines.  We take care of all the repairs, maintenance and restocking for you so you can focus on increasing your revenue.
  • Machine: 1060 x 830 x 1830
  • Lockers: 880 x 400 x 1830
  • W x D x H (mm)
  • Machine: 1060 x 830 x 1830
  • Lockers: 1020 x 400 x 1830
  • W x D x H (mm)
Product Options 50 + 30 Different Products 50 + 17 Different Products
Capacity 420 + 30 Product Capacity 420 + 17 Product Capacity
Refrigeration Included Included
Note reader Included Included
Coin Mechanism Included Included