Smart Vending Machines & Interactive vending machines - Digital Vending Machines Across Australia


SVA Vending™ is an industry leader in state-of-the-art technology. Our digital vending machines are fully immersive touch display (touch screen) platforms that are easy and fun to use. Our vending machines are wireless and Bluetooth-enabled making it one of the most sophisticated vending machines in the country.

At the core of our vending machine design is the buyer experience. SVA Vending is continually upgrading our technology to ensure that our machines deliver the best buying experience for your customers.


Our machines can stock from 30 to 60 selections of food, drinks or a combination of both. They come with 6x interior drawer storage (for additional storage). SVA vending machines are designed to be tamper-free and vandalism-free with tough triple-glazed glass and a secure wraparound door. We use ASSURE TM technology to minimise items getting stuck in the machine.

Our large-screen touch screen displays are easy to use. Our machines are MOB payment-enabled and can accept cash, credit card, debit card or SVA smart vending cards. All SVA machines have received a 5-star energy-efficient rating.

Interactive Touch - Vending Machine


SVA Vending™ platform incorporates multimedia and animation to improve buyer experience. Our systems are cloud-based and Bluetooth-enabled and can be linked to a computer, mobile or tablet.

If you operate one of our franchise businesses, you will be able to integrate our advanced web content management system directly to your machines in the form of ad banners that can be viewed by customers when they purchase the vending machine. For example, if you are announcing a new machine location, you can advertise its launch on the digital screen of your existing machines. Our integrated web management system is an effective way to expand your reach by bringing specially crafted banner ads directly to the customer.