PPE and Hygiene Product Vending Machine

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has shed some major light on the need for hygiene products such as masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves and so on. This is especially the need of the hour for medical staff and others that requires the items in bulk. The main reason is that these would keep the selfless heroes out of harm’s way. This would thereby let them work on saving lives at this crucial time without having to worry about themselves falling prey to the pandemic.

The list of ways to make these hygiene products readily available at medical facilities, public spaces, offices, stores and such throughout Australia are many. However, one practical solution, that is to start trials in South Australia, is that of a hygiene products vending machine. These will make access of such essential products more convenient and tracking the supply of these easier when equipped with the latest smart technology.

SVA Vending supplies personal protection equipment (PPE) machines that allows for easy storage and inventory tracking of hygiene products. These compact machines can fit at any given place with ease, are cost effective as well as customisable. Moreover, the options such as conveyor belts, hanging hooks and traditional tray dispensers permit easy storage in the machines.

SVA Vending

Features of Our Hygiene Products PPE Vending Machines

SVA Vending’s PPE vending machine has a plethora of unique features that make it the most utilitarian addition to medical facilities and health centres, workplace, public spaces and more today. These are as follows.

  • An alarm to signify low inventory
  • Touch screen technology
  • Glass front display
  • Plethora of storage options
  • Control options to limit access to products and control stock shrinkage
  • Integratable with your current computer systems
  • SQL database
  • Installed card readers such as RFID, Motorola, TAG, HID, Dallas, Mifare and more
  • Full management reporting system

All these features make our machines the best for making hygiene products available in enough quantities at your medical facility. These will therefore ensure that the best hygiene standards are followed , such that your staff remains protected from diseases at all times.

Benefits of Our PPE Hygiene Products Vending Machines

  • Ensures safety of medical staff, work employees, customers and more against highly communicable diseases like COVID-19.
  • Make sure that hygiene products are easily available in your surroundings.
  • Assures the best hygiene standards in medical and health centres , workplaces, retail stores and more throughout Australia.
  • Monitors inventory levels, ensuring regular restocking as well as preventing run outs.
  • Helps control access to machine products to control stock shrinkage amid rising demand.
  • Allows items to be stored appropriately in best condition.
  • Maintains a database of who purchased what products along with a list of quantities, thereby ensuring no misuse or overuse.
  • Takes up minimal space due to the compact dimensions.
  • Hassle-free installation and repair through dedicated staff for the same.
  • Permits customization of products displayed as per need.

Looking to get our hygiene products vending machine installed in your medical facility, workplace or public space in Australia? Contact SVA Vending today for the best solutions.