Australia’s Prefered Vending Machines for Healthy Food

In our modern times, keeping up with a wholesome meal plan amidst long work hours can feel like a hurdle of enormous proportions. Unfortunately, unhealthy dietary choices have rendered over two-thirds of Australians either overweight or struggling with obesity.

As a business owner who is concerned about their employees’ well-being, you must also be looking for solutions to make healthy eating a reality in our fast-paced world.

Introducing SVA Vending Machines – your go-to for healthy food vending in Australia. Now, you and your employees can access healthy food options round-the-clock! With our vending machines, your workers can easily satisfy their cravings without worrying about time constraints.

With SVA Vending’s healthy vending machines, you can create a win-win situation for both yourself and your team. Our state-of-the-art healthy vending machines can be completely customised to suit your requirements, keeping your workforce fuelled and energised throughout the day.

We are dedicated to empowering your employees to fuel their potential through our range of tasty and nutritious snacks.

Say goodbye to vending machine junk food and hello to healthy options with SVA!

FREE Healthy Snacks Vending Machines—Now Available Across Australia

It might sound unbelievable, but you can say goodbye to junk food and offer healthy food without breaking the bank. SVA Vending presents FREE healthy vending machines that offer the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast or a snacking aficionado, our vending machines can cater to all your unique dietary preferences. We offer a broad selection of health-boosting snacks that taste great and also leave you feeling revitalised. From fresh fruits to organic bites and whole-grain cereals, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, we offer all the leading brands of chips, candy, and confectioneries and continually restock the latest trending items.

Discover the perfect balance of good taste and good health, all with the convenience of our top-of-the-line vending machines.

Perks of Investing in Healthy Vending Machines

  • Meet All Dietary Requirements
We cater to all dietary requirements, including low-carb, whole food, lactose intolerant, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • Wide Range of Choices
Our healthy vending machines can dispense a range of products, including fresh vegetables and fruits, salads, cereals, snacks, and many more. Moreover, we regularly change the range, so your employees will always have choices.
  • Zero Capital Investment
SVA’s healthy vending machines are free. You do not have to buy a vending machine.
  • Hassle-free Healthy Food and Drinks Vending
SVA Vending has got it all covered, from product sourcing to restocking to regular maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use technology
Our machines employ the latest technology, including positive vending sensing, touchscreens, and cashless transactions.

Why Work With SVA Vending?

SVA is one of Australia’s leading vending machine suppliers. We distribute automatic healthy vending machines for small to large businesses, factories, schools, medical centres, entertainment centres, public transportation hubs, gyms, and clubs. All our healthy vending machines feature state-of-the-art technology, including touchscreens and cashless transactions. Curious why you should choose SVA Vending? Here are a few reasons that may pique your interest:
  • FREE to Lease Vending Machines
  • No capital outlay required
  • No additional staff required
  • Free refill, maintenance & service
  • Stock up on healthy snacks from top brands
  • Reliable and friendly vending machine operators
  • Personalised vending machines designed to suit your individual needs
  • Over 3000 satisfied customers
SVA healthy vending machines offer an affordable and convenient vending solution for organisations, and best of all, there is zero need for capital investment or additional staff hiring. By providing on-demand product sourcing, inventory control, restocking, and maintenance, we make vending easy for you. Why not let your employees take a much-needed break from fast food, and instead, offer them a free, healthy vending machine today? Choose SVA for vending that is accessible, affordable, and always reliable.

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Vending equipment is installed at no cost to the location.

Yes. Our vending machine can be loaded with any product on the market, as long as it fits in the machine. SVA Vending also has a large product range of our own that includes healthy options.

Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins.

All service calls are handled, and action is taken on a same-day basis.

Yes, we insure our machines to $20M at all times.

We can deliver and install machines within 7 working days after receiving a request.

SVA Vending will supply the locations to operate the business. All locations are profitable and meet SVA Vending’s business model, which ensures exclusivity to operate on location.

Owning a vending business can be highly profitable. Typically, a business sees returns of 30% to 50% per annum, followed by 70% to 80% after gaining experience.

Speak to our franchisees and assess the profitability of investing in our business. You can also visit our website to explore our financial calculator for a detailed understanding of your prospective investment.