We offer a varied portfolio of franchise packages to suit all types of budget and investor requirements. Our franchise packages are designed to maximise your earning potential based on your initial investment. Regardless of which vending franchise package you select, you can be assured that you will receive the full support of our franchise programme.

SVA Vending Franchise Packages

Number of sites and machines Minimum 5 site and 5 vending machines Minimum 10 sites and 10 vending machines Minimum 30 sites and 30 vending machines
Income guarantee Yes Yes Yes
  • Small businesses like gyms and fitness centres, doctor’s offices, auto repair shops, and others.
  • Medium to large businesses with 50 or more staff. Facilities that handle medium to a large number of customers in a day. For example, small manufacturers, warehouses, medical clinics, large gymnasiums, sports clubs, arthouse cinemas, and others
  • Public amenities that support medium to large size crowds, for example, local libraries, public halls, and community centres
  • Businesses that deal with large volumes of people at a time, for example, production plants, factories, convention centres, stadiums, sports club, cinemas, and others
  • Public amenities that support large crowds, for example, museums, state libraries, art galleries, convention halls, sports stadiums, train stations, airports, ferry terminals, and others
Secured Contracts Secured contracts on all sites with the full approval of site management. Opportunity to customise the product to suit the location and consumer profile
Training and support
  • Business training to manage the daily operation.
  • Basic technical training.
  • Business training to manage the daily operations.
  • Advanced technical training and intensive onsite and offsite training with our business development manager and warehousing experts.
Remotely monitored VM Real-time data monitoring allows you to check on stock and cash flow, and receive SMS alerts if there’s ever a problem.
Affordable Investment To find out how much it will cost you to invest in a successful SVA vending business please call us today on 1300 411 902. Our friendly customer service team can answer all your questions.

SVA Vending is an industry leader in vending machines. Our franchise programme is designed to succeed. We tailor our vending solutions to suit every individual franchisee’s unique circumstances. Our secured contract will ensure you are legally secured.

If you need more information about our franchisee programme, please call our office today. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

To register your interest as an SVA franchise, please call us today. Our sales and management team can help you start planning your business.