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SVA Vending Machines is the leading vending machine supplier in Townsville. We have vending machines for lease, vending machines for hire and vending machine business for sale.

What We Do?

Townsville Vending Machines for Lease

Choose from a wide range of vending machines. We supply hospital vending machines, gym vending machines, school vending machines, coffee vending machines, office vending machines, healthy vending machines, frozen food vending machine, snacks vending machines and drink vending machines in Townsville.

Townsville Vending Machines Franchise for Sale

Start your wealth creation today with a vending machine business. Buy a vending machine business from SVA. Our franchise opportunity is a straightforward investment with the potential to yield high returns.

Townsville Intelligent Vending Solutions

Get a vending machine that matches your specifications and budget. Our vending machines use smart technology to delivery 24/7 touchscreen and cashless transactions.

About SVA Vending Machine Townsville

SVA Vending Is a Trusted Vending Machine Supplier in Townsville.

We are an Australian-owned and operated business with over 15 years’ experience in the vending business industry. We have an impressive list of over 3,000 satisfied customers. We service all types of businesses – small and large.

Buy Vending Machines. Lease Vending Machines. Hire Vending Machines.

We supply vending machines to a range of Townsville businesses and industries including:
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Others

Townsville Best Vending Machines

Get a free vending machine for your business with SVA free vending machine rent, vending machine hire and vending machine sale. Our vending machines can dispense snacks, drinks, IT and stationery supplies, PPE, health and beauty products, healthy food and drinks, toiletries, toys, and frozen foods.

Why Lease SVA Vending Machines

Our vending machines are free.

Smart technology
Our machines use a secure web-based interface to dispense 24/7 touchscreen technology and cashless transactions. Manage inventory with your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

We take care of everything for you including product sourcing, restocking, and vending machines repair and maintenance in Townsville.

Vending Machines Benefits

Provide staff with 24/7 access to food and drinks
Vending machines are the most convenient way to ensure staff who work shift or long hours have immediate access to food and drinks.

Keep staff happy and motivated
Coffee vending machines are a treat in the workplace. Your staff will feel valued and appreciated and work harder.

Impress customers and get more business
Vending machines in your facility that dispense coffees, snacks and drinks will make customers and visitors feel welcomed.

Extend your shopping hours
Vending machines allow you to sell 24/7 without incurring additional overheads.

Expand your product range
Frozen vending machines allow you to sell different products in your store. Sell more to existing customers whilst attracting new customers.

READY TO LEASE A VENDING MACHINE? WANT TO HIRE VENDING MACHINES? Get your free vending machine Townsville here.

WANT TO BUY A VENDING MACHINE BUSINESS? We love to hear from you too. Contact us today!


We are able to offer almost all the various leading brands of snacks ,chips and confectioneries and are able to regularly restock new items of popular interest too.

Above all we are friendly and approachable and would take the extra step for your satisfaction.


Vending Equipment is installed at no cost to the location.

Yes, you can choose any product in the market, as long as it can fit in the machine.

We also have big product range including variety of healthy options .

Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins.

All service calls are handled and taken action on same day basis policy.

Yes, we insure our machines to $20M at all times.

We can deliver and install machines within 7 working days after receiving request.

SVA Vending will supply the locations to operate the business. All locations are profitable and meet SVA Vending’s business model which ensures exclusivity to operate on location.

Owning a vending business can be highly profitable. The industry is growing because many people can see the lifestyle opportunities and financial benefits of a vending business. On average, you can expect 30% to 50% return on investment from your business each year. When you are more experienced, you can expect a return on investment of about 70% to 80% on a yearly basis. You can always speak to our existing franchisees to find out whether it will be a profitable business to invest in. Please visit our website and review our financial calculator to get detailed information on your investment.