Vending Machines Perth

When your workplace needs vending machines, we are the ones to call.

Perth’s Premier Vending Machine Supplier

Every business can benefit from vending machines- offices, government buildings, schools, retail stores and more. The vending machines we supply are ideal for targeting customer traffic and pedestrian traffic through your premises. We have all the best selections to capture their attention and meet their needs. A wide range of products lines available to be stocked in our machines include food, beverages and personal products.

We can help you find the right vending machine for any area, to maximize space and sales potential. Our vending machines take the worry out of the vending process, as we provide continued support for our products and ensure that all of our machines are low maintenance for your convenience. We also offer customized product selections to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

No matter what your business needs and goals may be, we have the right vending machine for your building. A variety of beverages, such as hot cocoa, water, soda and more, are all available. We can also stock a wide range of snacks, such as chips, desserts, candy and crackers. We are even able to cater to those with dietary restrictions or stock personal items that would be perfect for gyms, schools and any retail location.

Why Choose SVA Vending

Australians know us as the best place to find great deals on vending machines and the premier source of vending machine services, such as maintenance, stocking and sales. We even offer free vending machines to customers who are interested. We have been working in the vending machine business for over a decade and have acquired expertise that made us the best choice for vending services. We can provide the brands and items that you want and that your customers will love. We will handle all the details so that there is no inconvenience for you.

Free Vending Machines

Our company provides free vending machines in addition to vending machine sales. With this service, our customers receive the same level of quality in machines and products at a stress-free price. You never have to pay for anything and we can still ensure a quality experience for you and your customers. We can help you find the perfect vending machine match for your premises.

Repair Services

Our team also offers repairs and maintenance of any vending machine in Perth. We can come for regular maintenance or provide one-off services when needed. You and your customers will benefit from the superior service provided by SVA Vending.


We are able to offer almost all the various leading brands of snacks ,chips and confectioneries and are able to regularly restock new items of popular interest too.

Above all we are friendly and approachable and would take the extra step for your satisfaction.


Vending Equipment is installed at no cost to the location.

Yes, you can choose any product in the market, as long as it can fit in the machine.

We also have big product range including variety of healthy options .

Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins.

All service calls are handled and taken action on same day basis policy.

Yes, we insure our machines to $20M at all times.

We can deliver and install machines within 7 working days after receiving request.

SVA Vending will supply the locations to operate the business. All locations are profitable and meet SVA Vending’s business model which ensures exclusivity to operate on location.

Owning a vending business can be highly profitable. The industry is growing because many people can see the lifestyle opportunities and financial benefits of a vending business. On average, you can expect 30% to 50% return on investment from your business each year. When you are more experienced, you can expect a return on investment of about 70% to 80% on a yearly basis. You can always speak to our existing franchisees to find out whether it will be a profitable business to invest in. Please visit our website and review our financial calculator to get detailed information on your investment.