Vending Machines For Sale in Melbourne

Vending machines are useful in any building or business. Just think about all the people who would walk by a strategically-placed vending machine, tantalised by what was for sale, and make a purchase. With one of our machines placed at your location for staff and guest, you could enjoy steady profits and see sales right away. Your initial investment should be covered soon, with serious profit coming in after a few years, and minimal repairs and maintenance costs expected.

Melbourne’s Best Vending Machines

But adding a vending machine to your place of business does more than just bring in sales for you from the machine. You will also improve employee morale, as your workers will be able to get healthy foods and snacks when they need to without leaving the premises. You will also engender goodwill among your customers, since they will be able to satiate their hunger and thirst when they enter the building.

Our vending machines come in a few varieties, and we can offer you a beverage machine, snack machine or one for personal items. We can customise the vending machine stock to meet your needs and those of your employees and customers. You can even track sales and customer demand when you buy a vending machine in Melbourne through SVA Vending.

Why SVA Vending?

Our team provides you with the support and repair services that are necessary to achieve your goals and to succeed in your business. We can maintain and restock the machine as necessary and provide the tools and training you need to deal with any problems that may arise.

With our years of experience in the industry and our reputation for affordable and high quality machines, we are your best choice for Melbourne vending machine sales, repairs and service. We provide valuable products that are meant to last, with little need for repair or maintenance. We can even supply a free vending machine to those that are interested. This means that you pay nothing for the benefit of having a vending machine on your premises. You don’t have to worry about stocking or maintaining it. We do all that, and you will enjoy an enhanced location that better serves the needs of your customers and employees.

Contact us today or fill out the enquiry form to learn more about what we have to offer. We can help you succeed in this new business venture.


We are able to offer almost all the various leading brands of snacks ,chips and confectioneries and are able to regularly restock new items of popular interest too.

Above all we are friendly and approachable and would take the extra step for your satisfaction.


Vending Equipment is installed at no cost to the location.

Yes, you can choose any product in the market, as long as it can fit in the machine.

We also have big product range including variety of healthy options .

Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins.

All service calls are handled and taken action on same day basis policy.

Yes, we insure our machines to $20M at all times.

We can deliver and install machines within 7 working days after receiving request.

SVA Vending will supply the locations to operate the business. All locations are profitable and meet SVA Vending’s business model which ensures exclusivity to operate on location.

Owning a vending business can be highly profitable. The industry is growing because many people can see the lifestyle opportunities and financial benefits of a vending business. On average, you can expect 30% to 50% return on investment from your business each year. When you are more experienced, you can expect a return on investment of about 70% to 80% on a yearly basis. You can always speak to our existing franchisees to find out whether it will be a profitable business to invest in. Please visit our website and review our financial calculator to get detailed information on your investment.