Buy PPE Vending Machines in Australia

PPE, or Personal Protection Equipment, refers to a range of hygiene and safety clothing that can be used to protect an individual from injury, contamination, and injury. In most cases, PPE is a mandatory requirement to fulfil the Australian Work Health and Safety Guidelines.

PPEs are used in healthcare environments (like hospitals, clinics, and laboratories), vulnerable patient care facilities (for example, aged care and retirement homes), manufacturing plants, bakeries, industrial plants, and factories that handle hazardous substances. And with the increased risk of public exposure due to COVID-19, the use of PPE is even more important.

At SVA Vending, we take safety and hygiene seriously. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art PPE vending machines throughout Australia! With easy installations and convenient dispensing, we help businesses meet their requirements with ease.

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Benefits Of PPE Vending Machines

Vending machines are an ideal way to provide employees with access to important items, including personal protection equipment (PPE). Here are some reasons why you should set up PPE vending machines in your facility:

  • Instant dispensing of important PPE to keep staff safe and protected.
  • No capital outlay or overheads to manage the PPE vending machine.
  • Total Operational Support: We install the machines, check and replenish stock and service and repair machines.
  • Product Customisation Services: SVA can source particular brands of PPE that could be specific to your business requirements. For example, your facility may need to stock N95 masks.
  • Smart Cashless and Credit-Card-Free Servicing: Our superior smart card services mean you can now integrate our advanced vending systems into the staff card, thereby giving access to all staff access to PPE quickly and at any time of the day.
  • Organisational Reporting on PPE Usage: Our vending system can be linked with your operations to gauge stock uses. If stocks need to be replenished, the system will automatically send you an alert to your administrator’s computer, mobile or tablet.

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