Hospitals & Healthcare Vending Machines for Sale

Your patients, visitors, and staff will appreciate instant 24/7 access to food and drinks

SVA is the preferred vending machine operator for major organisations that deal with large volumes of people daily. As one of the largest vending machine companies in Australia, we have the economy of scale to supply and manage a wide range of vending machines in multiple sites.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities deal with large volumes of people daily. While the cafeteria can efficiently serve food and drinks to patients, visitors and staff, this facility does not operate on a 24/7 premise. That’s why vending machines are the ideal solution for instant dispensing of much-needed refreshments throughout the day.

Here are some compelling reasons why vending machines work in hospitals:

  • Instant refreshments at any time of the day. Vending machines that dispense food or drinks or both can provide much-needed refreshments for staff, patients and visitors.
  • Healthy food vending machines. Vending machines in hospitals do not have to stock unhealthy options. SVA can source healthier options to promote general health and wellbeing.
  • Free service with no investment or overheads. Vending machines supplied by SVA are free to install. The hospital administration is not responsible for purchasing or replenishing stock, or servicing and repairing machines. SVA takes care of everything so your hospital can focus on more important tasks.
  • Smart cashless options for staff. SVA vending systems can be integrated into staff cards to facilitate ease of use.