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About SVA Vending

Sva Vending Is A Trusted Vending Machine Supplier In Australia.

We are an Australian-owned and operated business with over 15 years’ experience in the vending business industry. SVA has an impressive list of over 3,000 satisfied customers. Our customers come from both the private and public sectors. We serve all types of businesses and facilities in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide – small or large.

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The Best Vending Machines – Free In Australia (SVA Vending)

You can get a free vending machine installed in the office, factory or facility for free. The best vending solution is with SVA – Australia’s top vending machine supplier. We are the people who design, manufacture, distribute and service vending machines in Australia. We know how your business can benefit from our free VM or vending machines.

SVA Vending is an Australian company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. For over 15 years’ we have led the way in providing vending solutions to all types of businesses.

SVA Vending supplies FREE vending machines to the private and public sectors in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We provide a full-service, hassle-free and minimal investment contract that includes installation, stock control, and replenishment, servicing and repair. With more than 2,000 satisfied customers, we are one of the largest vending machine suppliers in Australia. SVA vending machines can be found in hospitals, universities, sports halls, convention centres, train stations, airports, ferry terminals, clinics, and others. Our customers value our professionalism, modern vending machines, diverse product range, quick response, and exemplary customer service.

Vending Machines Are Simple, Convenient And Affordable

Most people identify vending machines as convenient options for snacks and drinks. Vending machines today are more than just instant on-the-go snacks, micro food, and drink dispensers. They can also be used for a multitude of retail items including health and beauty products, vitamins, toiletries, toys, and hygiene and sanitary PPE or Personal Protection Equipment (like goggles, gloves, surgical masks, hairnets, and so forth).

Vending machines are popular with consumers because they are simple to use, conveniently located, and the items they sell are usually cheaper than buying in a shop. Vending machines are used by organisations to provide alternative refreshments or to dispense essential health and beauty products to customers and staff. They are also an excellent investment option for new investors.

How Vending Service Can Benefit Your Business

Every business wants to keep its staff and customers happy. Investing in a vending machine to dispense valued products is an effective way to achieve this goal. Vending machines are also excellent business opportunities for new investors.

Here are some good reasons to invest in a vending machine:

A vending machine can improve employee wellbeing

As a caring organisation, you want to ensure your staff wellbeing. A vending machine in a factory or staff canteen is an ideal way to ensure staff has access to instant, affordable snacks and drinks at any time.

A vending machine has no financial costs to your organisation or business

There is no financial investment in ordering a vending machine for your premises. We work with you to identify your specific organisational requirements. Installation, products and servicing and repair costs are borne by SVA.

A vending machine can improve customer experience

A vending machine that dispenses immediate drinks and snacks is a brilliant way to improve the customer’s experience. Imagine if your business is a gym. Having a vending machine that can dispense health drinks and water will make your customer’s workout more pleasant and enjoyable. A satisfied customer is more likely to return to your business. They may recommend your business to friends and family. They are also more likely to give your business a favourable review online.

A vending machine is hassle-free

SVA Vending is Australia’s top vending machine solution specialist. Partnering with us means you can take advantage of our full suite of support services including machine and location selection, inventory management, stock refilling, and repair and maintenance.

Why Choose SVA Vending Services

We offer a wide range of vending machines and vending machine services for small, medium and large businesses across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Our vending machines are available nationwide. We also have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We supply vending machine services to Country Victoria, Regional NSW and South Australia settled areas. Our fast-growing franchise means that we now can supply vending machines to every major city in Australia.

SVA is the preferred vending machine service for Australian businesses and the public sector.

Customers choose us for the following reasons:

Reputable brand

SVA has been in the vending service business for more than a decade. We are a trusted brand that has successfully served more than 3,000 customers from a wide spectrum of businesses and the public sector. We are valued for our professionalism, modern machines, diverse product range, quick response, and exemplary customer service in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Organisational capabilities

As one of Australia’s largest vending machine suppliers, we can supply vending machines to large private businesses and the public sector.
Our capabilities extend beyond vending machines to include a large servicing department to handle on-call servicing and repairs of the machine so your facility or business does not have to be disadvantaged.

Vending machine management services

Our maintenance department will take care of all repairs and servicing of any machines installed in your premises or facility. We work closely with our supply chain to ensure regular stock refills. We also check with customers to obtain feedback as part of our philosophy to promote continuous improvement and exemplary customer service.

Modern vending machines

Our next-generation wireless, touch screen digital vending machines are fast and easy to use.

Our machines can stock from 30 to 60 selections of vending items at a time. They come in a 6x drawer storage (for additional storage). Our machines are designed to be tamper-free and vandalism-free. We use ASSURE TM technology to minimise items getting stuck in the machine.

Our machines are MOB payment-enabled and can accept cash, credit card, debit card or SVA smart vending cards. All SVA machines have a 5-star energy-efficient rating.

Download our vending machine specifications here

A diverse range of items and customisation

We can source a wide range of vending machine products to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our product range includes organic and healthy food and beverage, health and beauty products (including natural, fragrance-free, no-animal testing products) and specialised hygienic and sanitary PPE products (for example, gloves, surgical masks, hairnets, shoe covers, and goggles). We also customise vending machine products to meet specific customer requirements.

To find out which top brand we stock please download our product specification here.

Ready To Get A Vending Service?

Vending machines can improve staff satisfaction by providing them with instant food and beverages 24/7. Vending machines can also be used to enhance the customer experience when customers visit or use your facility. Vending machines can be scaled to your business or facility needs.

Thinking of vending machines to improve staff and customer experience in your office, factory or facility? Call the professional vending machine supplier with the best machines and the best service.

For more information on SVA vending machines, contact us at 1300 411 902.

Vending Machine Franchise Australia

The future of Australian retail may be in vending machines. Today’s consumers are technologically savvy, connected and time-poor. Vending machines offer them the ideal solution to purchase instant on-the-go snacks, micro meals, and rehydration. Investing in a vending machine business is the right step towards building a profitable business.

SVA Vending is one of Australia’s best franchises of quality vending machines. We have more than a decade of experience in the industry. We started our business as a new start-up so we have the knowledge and experience to successfully run a vending business.

Why Buy A Franchise From Sva

Here are some good reasons why you should invest in a vending machine business with SVA.

SVA franchise is a trusted brand

SVA Vending is a trusted brand in vending machines. We have been supplying vending machines to Australian businesses and the public sector for over 15 years. We have over 3,000 satisfied customers as proof of our successful brand.

Buying a franchise from us gives you the peace of mind because you are investing in a reputable brand with a proven track record.

A vending machine business is a low-risk investment

A vending machine business has a minimal business risk because of its low investment and minimal overheads.

A vending machine business has few competitors

There are no other serious contenders for vending services. Vending machines sell to customers 24 hours a day; seven days a week. And there isn’t any other alternative offering in the market so your returns are assured.

Opportunities to diversify vending products and maximise earnings

You can diversify your vending machine business to include products beyond snacks and drinks. For example, you can offer health and beauty products, healthy or organic snacks and drinks and PPE (personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles, and surgical masks).
SVA Vending Machine Franchises are now available throughout Australia. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and are on a mission to grow our business Australia-wide. Our growth depends on your business success. That is why we are committed to supporting your vending machine business to make profits as soon as possible.

For more information on our franchise opportunities please contact us here.

A vending machine business is a low start-up cost business

Vending machines are low-cost business start-ups. As a vending machine operator, you do not have to lease or buy a shop, employ staff, pay high overheads or invest in advertising and promotion.

A vending machine business is not time-consuming

Investing in vending machines is easy and fuss-free. After the initial set-up, you only have to perform a few simple tasks to keep the business running such as checking and ordering stock, scheduling servicing and booking repairs.

Comprehensive management support for franchisees

SVA franchise comes with full management support to help you grow your investment. We provide support in financial management, product sourcing and diversification, sales and promotions, location management, servicing, and repairs.

Our customer service team is happy to assist you in any enquiry you have about running your vending machine business. We also regularly conduct meetings with our franchisees to obtain feedback on how we can improve our machines, products, and services.

To support your business growth, our website provides a plethora of information like business advice, vending machine sales optimisation, trending products to offer and many more!

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