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Australia’s first fully interactive touch screen vending machine.
This vending machine integrates media advertising solutions and so much more. Clever design and functionality is what we’re all about.

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Vending Machines for Sale in Australia

Vending machines represent a valuable opportunity to profit from a variety of circumstances where food and drinks are demanded. Foot traffic invariably involves people who are either hungry or thirsty, and vending machines offer a means to satisfy this hunger or thirst in a quick, easy fashion.


As such, these vending machines are suited to areas such as break rooms, waiting rooms, foyers, reception areas, and popular building entrances – by simply positioning a vending machine in such an area, it is possible to receive a steady stream of income by doing little upkeep and maintenance.


Vending machines we have available


Because work and training environments are so different, we understand the need to have different kinds of vending machines.  Vending machines can be highly flexible in what they are filled with, and can be highly targeted to your target audience.


Potential vending machines include:


Snack vending machine: Snack vending machines can be filled with tasty snacks like potato chips, chocolates, lollies, cookies and nuts. These are ideal for workplaces where people enjoy eating foods while they work.


Drink vending machines: Drink machines can be filled with soft drinks and energy drinks to provide people with a refreshing beverage.


Coffee vending machine: Tea and coffee vending machines are perfect for environments where people desire caffeine, such as a corporate workplace or a hospital environment.



Easy vending machine repairs


Having a vending machine fail can be a highly stressful affair – fortunately, we offer a complete repair service to ensure your machine is always running smoothly and performing when it should be. We offer free vending machine maintenance and repairs for your workplace, meaning your staff will never have to miss out on their vending machine snacks and drinks again.


Ready to operate your own vending machine?


If you believe your workplace would make good use of a vending machine, whether it be mini machine or full-sized, we encourage you to get in touch with us at SVA Vending. We are highly customer focused and ensue the needs of our customers are addressed, both in terms advice and the vending machines themselves.


We provide vending machines all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, meaning you’re covered wherever you’re located.


SVA Vending can help your business with vending machines for sale around the country. To find out more about a fantastic vending machine for your office or workplace, contact us today. Read more +

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